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In this day and age a single online negative comment can spark an uncontrollable negative outrage and create a situation for the competition to capitalize on.

Recovery in most instances will be tainted with permanent scars. Pulse provides you with a comprehensive feedback platform to keep a tab on your performance from the relevant stake holders. Provides you with a live dashboard for prompt corrective action.

This it self can form the foundation for enabling a culture for performance and customer delight.

Featured Highlights

100% Customizable

Pulse platform can be customized to meet your specific company and industry needs (functionality, features, dashboard, reports, etc.)

100% Web Browser Based

No client end software is required. A full HTML standards compliant web browser based system which is provides for centralized deployment.

100% Responsive

The UI scales for effective access on any Internet Enabled Device (phone, tab, laptop, desktop, HDTV,etc.) both on landscape and portrait modes.

100% Open Source

Engineered on a proven Open Source Stack for scalability, security, extensibility and deploy-ability. The Pulse platform can be deployed on most platform configurations.

Live Dashboard

Dashboard enables you to track your KPIs and key parameters for effective analysis and decision making. The most recent survey is always displayed for the latest update.

100% Customizable Reports

Have the reports to need to effectively fullfill your tasks. Reports are tailored at implementation to meet your specific needs.

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