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Platform Features


Pulse platform can be customized to meet your specific company and industry needs (functionality, features, dashboard, reports, etc.)

Web Browser Based

No client end software is required. A full HTML standards compliant web browser based system which is provides for centralized deployment.


The UI scales for effective access on any Internet Enabled Device (phone, tab, laptop, desktop, HDTV,etc.) both on landscape and portrait modes.

Open Source

Engineered on a proven Open Source Stack for scalability, security, extensibility and deployability. The Pulse platform can be deployed on most platform configurations.

Systems Integration

Pulse platform can be tailored to meet your specific data export and external systems integration needs to ensure a seamless transfer and integration with other systems and needs.

Application Features

Live Dashboard

Live dashboard for tracking key parameters for effective status tracking and decision making. The dashboard can be customized to meet your exact needs as part of the implementation and configuration process.

Question Bank

Define your own questions. Maintain it independently to the survey types and map it as per need to a specific survey. Eliminates the need to define questions for each survey type.

Answer Bank

Define your own answers. Maintain it independently to the questions and map it as per question and as per survey. Eliminates the need to define answers for each question. Also assign a rating for each answer. This enables to compute the rating per survey for effective monitoring and corrective action.

Multiple Survey Types

Define multiple survey types as per your organization and stake holder segment needs.

Customer Details

Define and maintain customer profile information for effective analysis of surveys.

Transaction Instances

Define and maintain your transaction instances to map and execute surveys for effective survey analysis beyond just customer mappings.

Data Extraction

Required data can be extracted to your specific needs and further use and analysis

User Roles

Access to the Pulse platform is managed through user roles.

Intro and completion message

Define and maintain your pre survey introduction message and post survey message for personalization with customers


Customized reports to meet your specific needs. These reports can be viewed online and also exported to csv format for effective analysis and query using Microsoft Excel, etc.

3rd Party Application Integration

Pulse architecture enables the integration with any 3rd party application.